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Thank-you  for  taking  the  time  to view  my  site  for  " Diesel " your  comments  will be  vetted  and  listed  in due  course...

One of the occasions I thought this was her last trip

In this  photo  Diesel   had  been ill  for  a  few  days  ..not  intentions..if  she  didnt  pull through..the inevitable.even  after a  trip to the  vets  they  could not  find  anything  wrong.....however  she  was  to recover  and  manage  another  2  years.......just  by  changing  her  diet.......A lot  of  people  would  have  gave  upon her  not  me  I   knew  she  had  more  to do and  see  in her  lifetime....I   hope  I  can keep her  dreams  alive.....

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Aw sorry to hear about Diesel, It's always difficult to make "that" call and say goodbye to companion who was always there no matter what was happening in your life.
That's always the thing about dogs, they always love you no matter who you are or what sort of a day you have had.
You must have some happy memories of your time together and of course some photo's.

Kindest regards


Awwwwww thats so sad Alexander, i know people will say its a dog but they are part of your family and i'm very sorry for your loss. Good to see you back


Diesel early days here
Id not long passed my test so this will be 1998 isle of Seil


Sorry to hear of your loss. A pet becomes one of the family. My advice is to get another puppy as soon as possible. Time is a great healer.

Diesel  and  I  walked  many  times  down to the  shore  at  Clynder.........if  you  see  me  walking   Im  recollecting  all the  happy  times  spent  walking  this  route..I  may  look  upset  , Im  just  remembering  the  good times....  Alexander

Diesel 2004
Diesel aged 9 and in her prime.....

So sorry to hear about your loss, we lossed our family pet last year and we still miss him.

sorry to hear of your loss I am sure that you have many happy memories of Diesel, concentrate on those I am sure that it will help a little. Keith

Know exactly what your feeling Alex. Had to make the same decision 10 years ago over our Jenny a Border Collie cross and it still hurts. My most treasured thought was from a time when the wife was out walking her and they heard fast approaching footsteps from behind. As they turned a youth was upon them with his hands raised. Our Jen leapt at him pinning him up against a fence and saved the day. What a dog, what a heroine. The only trouble was, she would bare her teeth at me if I put my arms around the wife. Often wonder how many kids we would have finished up with if it wasn't for her. :)

This touched my heart and reminded me of when my best pal Benji (Doberman/Labrador) left me after 15 years. He gave me many hours of love and devotion yet never asked for more than I gave him so I know how you are feeling at this time. Trust me although you will never replace him somewhere there is another pal waiting to follow you on your many walks around your favourite haunts.

Very sorry to hear of your loss Alexander.
You have my depest sympathy


So sorry to read of your loss. Many of us can relate to it - I still miss Sadie, our Goldie, after nearly 8 years. You kind of wonder at times why we put ourselves through it - we know we're probably going to outlive them and have to go through this grief. But the memories (and the photos...)make it all worthwhile, don't they?

Please accept my sympathies, I know how you must feel, as I have recently lost my pal of eighteen and half years, enjoyed your pictures of Diesel. Ced.

Diesel Loch Awe 2006
taken on my birthday..... 2006

Deepest sympathy from a fellow GSD owner.I,ve had dogs all my life and my current dog is 5 years old.It never gets easier when the time comes to say goodbye to an old friend but I,m sure the memories will last forever.
Regards Phil.

Diesel 2006
This was taken on a trip covering the whole of Loch Awe .....


I'm so sorry to hear about losing Diesel. No words can help in your grief. Always remember Diesel with happiness not sadness, it does help a little.
She had a rich, full life with a family who loved her. You can do no more for Diesel than honour the memory of your time together and how all your lives were a little richer for knowing and liveing with her.


Alexander, as a Shepherd 'owner' myself, I just wanted to say sorry for the loss of your friend.

Awful sad news Alexander.
A true loyal friend lost.

Loch Luibnaig circa 2004

Know exactly what you are going through you have my deepest sympathy, my thoughts are with you.

Sorry for your loss Alex, I know exactly how it feels (I had to do the same for mine about 2 years ago, and it still hurts if I think too deeply about it). You have to know that you did the best thing for Diesel to alleviate the suffering he would otherwise have gone through and in time you'll remember him as he was in the good times of his life instead of the final moments, but you never ever forget them.
You have my deepest sympathy.

 I see the site's coming along well in the last few days Alex, and you've added some great photo's of Diesel to remember her by.  Alan

Dear Alexander, I was sorry to read your news and send my sympathy to you in what must seem very empty days at the moment. This ‘last call’ is the one thing we owe to our beloved companion dogs at the end, they can’t do it themselves, and they trust us to know what is right. I had to make the same decision myself several years ago now, when my GSD “Astra” was also 13 years old. I know you’ll have lots of memories of Diesel & I’m sure you have many photos to remember a very special friend.

So sorry to hear your news my brother had to make the same decision yesterday for his Alsation Misty so lets think of them running free together some where beautiful and free of pain as she was in pain so chin up mate my thoughts are with you x


Hope this short poem might help.
Don't mourn for me now dad
You were with me when I arrived and with me at the end
We shared the joy of living and were always the best of friends
When you were there to talk to me I was there to listen
It was'nt always joy and light that made our eye's just glisten
I went the way I wanted to, quite fast, no pain, no fuss
I'm sorry it was a shock for you
now there is you not us.

Diesel Dec 03 boxing day
Another year comes to an end.....happy times

Sorry to hear about Diesel. You will have some great memories though.

Hopefully the weather will pick up a bit in the Highlands and you will have a great summer with the camera.

All the best

So sorry to hear about the loss of your Diesel. They really are such great friends and companions is such a blow when we have to say goodbye. I am sure that you have loads of happy memories (and photos) and that they will help you in the times ahead. I always feel very sorry for those people who say "it was just a dog "!...they have NO IDEA of the joy given !

all the best !
Fiona xx

i feel for you losing your companion, know how you feel x

Sorry for your loss. What a wonderful life he must have had with you; the freedom to roam those beautiful mountains you photograph so perfectly.

Diesel Loch Awe 2003
Loch Awe village in the background

I have what my wife and I call Mollie days[same story as many dog owners]..It does get easier[its about eight months down the line for me]and we got another rescue belguim shepherd called Penn...however im not able[mentaly]to go to any of her photos,so guess im not realy through it of luck[if thats right]...richard c.

so sorry to hear of your loss of Diesel just visited your tribute to her and she is a wonderful looking dog, its so difficult losing a pet as the love off them is unconditional, and the fun and laughter they bring is second to none, In time you will be able to look back on your photos and smile when your remember the happy times you both shared together, nobody can take them memories away.

I agree, the site is a lovely tribute & I do hope that working on it helps you in these dark days.

Lovely big dog - sorry to see her go  - A Big dog that would'nt touch you and always happy to see you

What a wonderful tribute to your faithful old friend.

I know it's early days yet, but there are always many old dogs who's owners have died and they are always the dogs who find it hard to get a new home - people always want puppies.  Perhaps you may, in time, feel able to give a home to an older dog.

They love us unconditionally.  You will see Diesel again someday. He will be wagging his tail and feeling just fine the day you meet again! 

Keep the chin up Al! Lovely pics, where's the one you took of her in the snow?
See you soon buddy! Karenso x

Diesel and The Good Shepard GlenCoe

hi alex we r very  sorry to hear about diesel too i know how much she meant to you, and i can understand it when you say what a friend she was and you will allways have her with you i know that when my wee poochy chops passes on i will deffinetly feel the hurt and the sadness, but to know there is people out there that trully and i mean trully love their dogs is a great thing and they fill all the gaps when youre down and you r right they give you someone to talk to she was a lovely lovely dog treasure your memories forever sharon.

hi,just wanted to say that i am so sad to hear that you have lost your friend.she was a beautiful looking dog and im sure you will miss her dearly

Diesel 1998 Guthrie Place Rhu
Diesel Top Dog where else top stair

Hi Alex
Just been on Diesels web site, she was a great friend and companion to  you.
Your next dog will have a hard act to follow mate.
Will give you a call over the week-end.
Really sorry to hear about Diesel. She was a great and truelly majestic dog.
I know how much you loved each other.

Diesel 1999
Rhu Narrows

Diesel January 2007
lil ole grey beard

visit my online gallery to view most of the place ,s Diesel and I visited...this will open a new window